GIRL TALK- Feed The Animals

by COLLEEN KROPP · June 25, 2008

    feed the animalsNow that I have given myself the proper amount of time to just sit and let it sink in, I am finally ready to talk about the latest album released from my not-so-secret crush, Gregg Gillis – better known as Girl Talk.

    Girl Talk released his fourth album, Feed the Animals, via download on June 19th – and I have been nothing shy of blown away. I had been fairly certain that nothing would ever be able to touch his previous album, Night Ripper, released two years ago, when he did one of the most memorable mash-ups involving Elton John and The Notorious B.I.G. Pray tell – who else has the musical know-how to see that "Tiny Dancer" and "Juicy" can transition into one another?

    The Pittsburgh-native, however, raised the bar yet again, including artists on his new album from across several decades, including (but not exclusive to) Radiohead, Elvis Costello, Rod Stewart, Jay-Z, The Police, Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast. Dear Lord I need to stop myself because this list is just simply interminable! Wait wait wait! I have to at least point out one particular transition that struck a chord – in the last track, he masterfully and fluidly, as if they were in some strange cosmos meant to be played together, brings Huey's "Pop, Lock, and Drop It" adjacent to Journey's "Faithfully."

    Okay, now that I've taken some time to dole out due praise – I have a certain playlist that needs to go back on repeat.