How Stoned Was James Franco When He Made This Music Video With Kalup Linzy?

by Mara Siegler · June 29, 2011

    James Franco's first "music video" for the song "Rising" off his forthcoming EP with performance artist/drag queen Kalup Linzy has finally hit the Internet. Its already getting buzz and analysis in the way that all Franco projects do: Huh? What?  Is this art?  Is he for real?  Let's take a look.

    With a budget that looks to be zero dollars and computer effects pulled from the 1980's, there are sure to be plenty who will claim that the blurriness and distortion of Franco's appearance mirrors the way society has trouble viewing him, or embodies the illusion he tries to project/protect.

    And all of that may have some truth, but my interpretation is simple: ha ha ha ha ha.  Also, how high do you think James Franco was when he made this?  Like two joints? Maybe three bowls?  The lack of a unicorn suggests he wasn't at bong level, but there is a floating wig. Thoughts?