Indie Musician Melissa Lusk Wants To Be Your Hostess

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · October 2, 2008

    Melissa Lusk“Once I’m onstage, you’re my guest” says Mel, an inspiring downtown musical artist. What she says is true - her shows are always responsive to her audience. She talks and engages them as she weaves a musical set to the crowd’s liking. Melissa Lusk is a New York born (Brooklyn) and educated (NYU) singer/songwriter. Her songs have simple playful names like Summer of ’06 and Mack Truck. Growing up she focused on influences like Cole Porter and Ben Folds. Lately she has been revisiting Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple and other angry girls of the 90s that she missed out due to lack of MTV.

    You can catch this mellow, not ‘cool enough for Williamsburg’ singer’s 45 minute set at Sidewalk Café in the East Village on October 28 at 10 pm (along with other musicians starting at 8). Her independently recorded album is called Melissa Lusk Is Going To Rock You. You can listen for free at