Jason Cimon, Take Me Away To The Showroom

by guestofaguest · May 27, 2008

     [Image via The Showroom]

    On Friday I revisited a hidden delight that I first encountered the previous week. My friend Jason Cimon performed the night of my first visit, along with my new music interest Afternoon, introducing me to what I feel has become my favortite city getaway. The Showroom, located in Greenpoint Brooklyn, was originally a large studio that 4 artists converted into four bedrooms of which they bulilt themselves. Some walls are made with wood cut into different sizes and made to look like brick, while others are covered in draping fabric along with paintings and little gadgets that occupy every inch. The most notable piece being the antlers installed on the wall of the main room.

    The kitchen features a wide array of various cups, jars, and glasses galore! The Showroom's dewellers consist of local artists and performers and thus creating a very intimate, heart warming, and familiar atmopshere. The first week I witnessed mostly Folk performers, and the second seemed to be more country themed. The Showroom took me took me away from the harsh realities of the city as I stepped into a new world of filled with that good ol' country soul.

    Post written by Sarah Jaffe