Long Live Rock and Roll!

by HAYLEY PROUDFOOT · August 22, 2008

    Live Garage Glam

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    OK, the night was young and I'd already been to 2 events.  Dosed up on complimentary Coca Cola, a brief encounter with a certain 'Gossip Girl' and enough art education to qualify me with another degree, I took it upon myself (being from Britain) to go experience the New York rock scene!

    And wow! What an experience!

    Live Garage GlamLive Garage GlamLive Garage Glam

    The gig was held at The Knitting Factory in Tribecca.  Much band appreciation along with Punk fashion galore, spread across the huge sweat pit beneath me, I was fascinated as my photography began to take over me.

    All bands performed outstandingly.  However, when speaking to a few audience members outside for a much needed time out, I tragically discovered that 'there isn't much of a rock scene in new york any more'.

    What's happening to the world??


    Time for a beer...