Love Me Like A River Does

by MADDY MADISON · May 9, 2008

    Melody GardotAt 19, I spent a lot of time google-mapping my way to the nearest frozen yogurt joint and hanging out at the only bar nearby with a pool table I knew how to rig, sans quarters. At 19, Melody Gardot was unleashing her mind-bendingly sultry, blues-laden voice upon the music industry. Then she got hit by an S.U.V. Thankfully, for us and Gardot herself, the story continues...

    Melody Gardot is one of the preeminent young soul singers in America who can strum a bass and work out her vocal chords at the same time. Her style is more common among vocalists twice her age and she sings like she's got whisky for blood and a Muddy Waters rasp. It's eerily fantastic. Her latest album is Worrisome Heart and the Philly-based musician is making the rounds from NPR to jazz clubs across the country.

    I almost hate to write about her because I'm a selfish, horrible music-phile who knows that popularity + crowded venues = higher ticket prices - bragging rights. Nonetheless, I have a great fondness for you readers and, of course, for the continued success of talented musicians. So, while it breaks my heart just a wee bit, here are a few free downloads and an interview. Just don't elbow me out of the front row at the next Gardot show.