Love Stings

by CLAIRE WILLETT · February 21, 2008


    The U has something for all you codpiece-donning raw meat-loving sadists out there: W.A.S.P., one of L.A.'s original metal bands, is coming to town. If you were still flaunting pampers the first time the group's seminal single "Animal (F**k like a Beast), fueled the righteous flames of Tipper and her P.M.R.C., now's another chance to experience true shrieking platinum awesomeness. To enhance and enrich what will undoubtably be a memorable evening, the U recommends multiple screenings of Warning: Parental Advisory (feat. the incomparable Dee Snider). After you've reached optimum censorship-outrage levels, The U suggests preppifying yourself to the nines and heading over to the Fillmore, because nothing says L.O.V.E. Machine like a blood-spattered Lacoste.