Spice Things Up & Send A Mariachigram To Your Amigos!

by Christie Grimm · May 11, 2020

    I don't know about you, but I come from funny people. So when contemplating what to get my step mother for Step Mother's Day, none of the usual gifts seemed applicable. Flowers would surely be destroyed immediately by their army of cats, jewelry would never be worn, and even a card in the mail would probably never be delivered since I'm from the mountains of Pennsylvania where USPS is basically operated by bears.

    So, delighted was I when I stumbled upon what I believe should be the newest quarantine craze, Mariachigrams. Personalized telegrams from mariachi bands! What began as an effort for these groups to earn money over Cinco De Mayo has now extended its shelf life as the perfect way to celebrate anything, from Mother's Day to birthdays to Tuesdays.

    Out of the site's list of fun groups, I decided upon the undeniably adorable Mariachi Hidalgo. After a quick email chain letting them know who they'd be singing to, and the custom message I'd like them to convey, I shot them a Venmo and waited way too excitedly for the video to be sent to my email for me to forward along.

    And oh, they did not disappoint.

    These amazing bands are obviously no longer able to perform at events and gatherings, so your support is incredibly important. How there was no mariachi specific stimulus package, I'll never know - but all the more reason for you to do your civic duty and start a virtual fiesta with your family and friends today!

    I may even start sending them to myself just to spice things up.