Musical Montage Chronicling Daily Socialite Diary

by MICHELLE MCKELVEY · July 16, 2009

    Musical notes pervade our listening boundaries and scientifically have the infinite power to alter our moods. Let's explore this notorious notion of listening to music by chronicling our daily diaries through the musical notes of our total faves...

    8:12 alarm..ughh I just went to bed 2 hours ago…FML. Holiday Parade: Getaway

    OUCH! This waters so cold…scrubbing in the shower... The White Tie Affair: Take It Home (super summer wakeup song)

    What should I wear?! Not heals again…feet are still totally killing me from last night… All Time Low: Weightless (totally amazing band to see live) or The Summer Set: She’s Got the Rhythm

    Out the door…ok, let’s take the day by storm…where's my lipgloss?! Boys Like Girls: The Great Escape (life’s beautiful!)

    Cliche iPod on 5 express subway... Saving Jane: Supergirl

    Busy at work… Jordan's eclectic array of music highlighting Eric Clapton and Allman Brothers surpasses my taste...he wins this monstrous music battle.

    530pm! Done and done! Finally back to my music… Pussy Cat Dolls: Top of the World

    Decompression in the park over Red Mango vanilla yogurt…so good. We the Kings: Skyway Avenue

    Time to hit the gym…cross trainer, lifts, crunches, etc. Flo Rida: Touch Me (burning necessary calories)

    Mid evening shower--girls are coming over in 15! Black Eyed Peas: Tonights Gonna Be a Good Night

    Everyones over for pregaming! Looks like it’s a girls night out…cheers! Paradiso Girls: Patron Tequila or Sarai: Ladies

    Signature drinks on the heavenly Hudson Terrace... Flo Rida ft. Wynter: Sugar

    OMFG…exboyfriend shows up with friends&co!! Baby Doll: Girlicious or I’m Single Again: Trina or Untouched: The Veronicas or Do You Remember: The Summer Obsession (very dependent on juicy status with the ex…or lack there of)

    Entering club...the strut. Lil Wayne: Let It Rock (the new Pink, party starter song)

    Finally on the table…first couple of songs DJ Cassidy: Champagne Red Lights (obsessed with this song)

    Getting into it…4 shots deep Lady Gaga: Sillyboy

    I louvvvvvee yuoooo text messages Coldplay: Viva La Vida Remix

    OMG hes so super cute… Rihanna: Push Up On Me

    And the alcohol is really kicking in…signature dancing on couches!! V Factory: Love Struck (new wannabe backstreet boys song)

    PARTY!!! Daft Punk: One More Time

    Where did everyone go?! Who is this guy I’m dancing with?! Sugar Ray: Answer the Phone

    Finally home...and the lights go out... Chris Brown: Glow in the Dark (in this case, actions speak louder than words...)

    xoxo, Cheers!!!