Nanny Amy

by MIKEL MCCOY · April 18, 2008

    amy babysittingDamn it , talk about having to eat one's words, well at least they were soft and sweet. Word comes that yes while AMY Winehouse is really going to sing the New Jim Bond theme song, and has been in the studio with producer Mark Ronson. Her label Universal has warned her to chill out on the extracurricular and bad publicity grabbing behavior of drugging it up, and cracked out half naked photos at 4am on London streets or they won't release any more of her records, not tear up her contract just not release her records anymore. I mean sure I still argue that ROCKSTARS are not school marms and therefore should not be held to the same level of conduct, but alas this is such not a good look AMS (AMY WINEHOUSE, babysitter)