Natalie Merchant at Hiro

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 8, 2008


    Thank God. Thank God!  That was what was going through our heads this Sunday night at the Natalie Merchant concert at Hiro (weird location huh?)  Thank God that music like this exists.  Natalie Merchant won us over back in the days of 10,000 Maniacs, and at 44, she's still proving that she is capable of standing on her own.  Her tickets to the series at Hiro this week sold out within hours, which should confirm to her that her fan base is also still alive and present.  We were especially excited about seeing Natalie now....her latest album Retrospective was released way back in '05.  But don't think she's been on break.  The first hour of the show she debuted her new songs, and confirmed that "they" (her band made up of 3 guitarists that do backup, cellist, keyboardist and drummer) will be releasing an album "soon".  Though she laughed saying "soon" meant whenever she came around to it.

    Whenever it gets here, expect it to be a hit.  Ms. Merchant started off her show with her hair in a bun, stood on a high wooden pedastal and routinely joking that she was our "teacher".  She then went on to teach us all things history, catching us up on our knowledge of the Black Death, Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare.  She disclosed to us that her new thing is to put make children's poems into lyrics.  She has done this for hundreds of poems, singing to us only 4 (we would love to see her put these together as a children's album).  Later on she let her bun down and got to business as usual, dancing around to many of our well known favorites.  She ended the concert with her famous "Thank You" song after waving a peace flag for several minutes beforehand.

    Natalie Merchant has one of those incredibly unique voices that is distinguishable from anyone.  Her talent really comes through during the songs she sings acapella.  If you get a chance to scalp a ticket to the Hiro shows this week, consider yourself lucky as you will be treated to a show in her "magical tea garden."  We can't wait to get our hands on her new album, whenever that may be.  Until then, she will continue to remind us that we are all "wonders of God's own creation" and that "Life is sweet in spite of the misery, be grateful"...because "These are the days, to remember." Since a lot of you won't get to see her, we created this short montage on youtube above of the show for you to enjoy.  You're welcome.