OK Go Takes The Music Video To A Whole New Level Yet Again

by Mara Siegler · July 27, 2011

    OK Go, a band known for making groundbreaking music videos, is sticking with their signature style and has created yet another for "All Is Not Lost".  Not only is this cool to look at, but comes in an interactive version and in 3D.

    Best known for their Grammy Award winning, treadmill dancing video for ‘‘Here It Goes Again’’ and their Rube Goldberg Machine video for "This Too Shall Pass,' the band manages to come up with yet another visually stunning and unique concept. After initially forming the idea to dance on glass, lead singer Damian Kulash got a call from the Pilobolus dance troupe, proposing a collaboration.  This is the result.

    But making a cool vid isn't enough. They have taken things one step farther. An interactive version is available on Chrome and they will reportedly be releasing a 3D version on Nintendo 3DS.

    You can also check out behind the scenes shots on the New York Times.