The Panorama 2017 Lineup Has Us Questioning Our Morals

by Natasha Przedborski · January 10, 2017

    Numerous publications came out this week denouncing the owner of AEG Phil Anschutz for giving money to anti-LGBTQ and global warming denying foundations (2016’s favorite trigger words).

    Why do we care about AEG? They own Goldenvoice, who are behind every bougie druggie kid’s dreamland (a.k.a  Coachella) and the newborn Panorama Festival.

    Yesterday, Panorama announced its line up and it’s giving us anxiety attacks. Frank Ocean is coming out of nowhere for this mainstream festival alongside electronic gods like Mura Masa, Nicolas Jaar, Hot Since 82 and the Aussie prodigies like Nick Murphy, Tame Impala and Jagwar Ma. The lineup could not be better. Promoters are finally giving up on the classic Major Lazer, Kendrick, Kanye, Avicii combos giving the stage to Cashmere Cat, Noname, and the fabulously retro Justice. 

    What determines the worth of our morals? Is it the quality of the food trucks and the light shows? Is it the purity of the molly? Or perhaps, for once, it’s just not worth it.

    This is the chance for New Yorkers to send the message that even though Coachella sold out, Panorama and their twisted morals are not welcome on our Island.

    This year’s election results are seriously starting to make us question more and more of our decisions and whimsically deciding to attend a music festival is no longer an option.

    Phil Anschutz put out a statement denying such rumors as “garbage.” Even if his statement denies all accusations, if there is the slightest chance that this frenzy is true, do you want to be part of it? But ugh...FRANK OCEAN.

    [Photo via @panoramanyc]