Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

by LAUREN BELSKI · March 11, 2008


    Now I know none of you guys probably have the time to sit around watching VH1 classic’s rerun of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions from the Waldorf Astoria last night. That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of searching out the best part for you—Justin Timberlake’s introduction of Madonna, who was officially reigned in as the Queen of Pop. If you get home and have a decent chunk of time, I recommend watching Madonna’s speech too, because she gives a serious play by play of her career, from the first time she played drums in the basement of a synagogue in Queens, to the first time she dropped a tab of ecstasy with her future A&R rep. Not to swoon, but she’s just so cool! I mean, listening to her speech is like listening to your friend’s older sister talk about prom during a middle school sleepover. I am forever mesmerized.

    ...As for Timberlake, his speaking voice is a far cry from his “sexy back” baritone. It’s actually a little squeaky. But, since he’s recounting Madonna’s demand for him to “drop his pants”, I guess the adolescent crackle is warranted. Oh, and after the speech Iggy Pop totally covers “Ray of Light”, and it’s pretty hilarious/awesome.