Sean Walsh And The National Reserve Deserve To Go International

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · January 16, 2009

    In New York City the number of bands might easily outnumber the number of cabs or even rodents. So basically it takes a lot for a band to stand out in the city. Does Sean Walsh And The National Reserve have what it takes? We stopped by the Cake Shop last night to find out. This group of music makers have talent, stage presence and a unique style of music. Sean Walsh's voice has soul, strength, and spirit. Watching them perform at Cake Shop last night it was clear that the front-man's passion is a driving force which unites the band. Everyone in the band gives an enthusiastic performance, playing with all their might, with genuine fun. You can cry, dance, think, or meditate to their "alt-country/psychedelic/folk" music. And at the end of their set, everyone knew that these kids aren't going to be stopping anytime soon.