SOUTH Play Union Hall

by MIKEL MCCOY · April 29, 2008

    SOUTH, Union Hall

    South is a band from the UK making noise in the U.S. Recently the group played shows at the prized SXSW festival, their album You Are Here drops today and we got a chance to see them firsthand over the weekend at Brooklyn's Union Hall. South are most def British and show signs of their homeland in every way, from their singing accents to their pop sensibilities . Their music is moody and they have not only an organ, which could lead to dabble of psychedelia, but a love of ex-Stone Rose's frontman Ian Brown who mentored the group. Together since 1998 they originally started out as an electronic set, which you can hear in their cover of New order's Bizarre Love Triangle.

    When we saw them the vibe was more moody rock a la a hipper Coldplay, both bands' lead singers share similar blonde Brit boy bearded looks. I spoke briefly to Joel, Jamie, and Brett during a pre show smoke break. The guys were psyched to be playing in the U.S. and making the rock and roll dream come true. They let me know that this was the first night of their east coast tour. South has released three albums already and been featured on both The OC and The OC Mix1, so they are not exactly new comers to the rock and roll game. One thing we didn't get to hear at their performance is the group's remixing abilities.

    They also have plans for an album of remixes from 2003's recording With the Tides. But one thing we did hear was a sublime and particularly angular cover of Television's Venus. South is here and I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more of them. SEE their myspace and of course check the photos. More photos by Andrew Harris at flickr.

    SOUTH, Union HallSOUTH, Union HallSOUTH, Union Hall