Subway Performer Rocks Out To Bach As You Come Home From Partying

by Sun Kersor · January 3, 2011

    Dale Henderson, a subway performer who plays strictly Bach cello suites, may score your evening commute home in midtown. The musician has the unenviable task of dealing with you party animals.

    As the WSJ reports,

    "The late nights also tend to bring attention from those who have had too much to drink, but mainly he receives nods ans miles as acknowledgment. The grumpiest folks are the ones who keep pressing him to accept their donations."

    Though Henderson's favorite subway performance spot is the L at Union Square, he says, "I would be there, but it's always taken by buskers, and they get really possessive."

    Given that he has no inveterate tendency for his performance spot, his cello stints take on the mysterious air of unpredictability and can be traced on Facebook via "Bach in the Subways."

    [Image via WSJ]