The Wild Yaks Take Over The Charleston

by MIKEL MCCOY · April 18, 2008

    wild yaks [Photo by Andrew Harris]

    Sometimes the dopest shows are not the ones at M.S.G. or even by more established acts. Often times the best shows happen in sweaty basements with weirdo lighting, beer allover the floor, and a crowd standing elbow 2 elbow getting their faces ROCKED OFF. Such was the case last night on Bedford AVE in Williamsburg at a bar called The Charleston. As we first walked down the steps to the basement, I heard what I could only describe as Shoegaze/R+B. You know, three guitars swirling different lines of majestic eerie power with a groove James Brown would be proud of. Apollo Heights, a Brooklyn based band was playing songs from their latest release White Music for Black People. With soaring vocals, a computer bass, drum set up and those shoegaze guitars. These guy's sound filled up the space and made mine and many a face SMILE.

    Then it was time for the Wild Yaks. Cats who most obviously eat a lot of acid, but have the energy and ethos of a hard-core band playing sludgy psychedelia. Exuberant and playful these guys had fun and rocked a set of down home punky psyche rock,nice real nice. The thing about shows like these is there is no delineation between band and audience. So all you get is the sound and feel of bands doing it for the LOVE and the POWER, no filter, just straight up ROCK. These bands play out often so hit up their myspace and support live music. A good show is as motivating and refreshing as spring rain and cat naps, Plus we got pictures peep 'em:

    (Photos by Andrew Harris)

    wild yaks1wild yaks3wild yaks4

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