Thinking Of Going Back To School? Try L'Ecole De DJs

by Chiara Atik · April 19, 2010

    In the US, anyone can be a DJ: models, actresses, scenesters, anyone. In France, however, DJs are upping their game, packing up their bags, and attending an 18 month-long DJ School, or, "L'Ecole De DJs", if you will.-

    The School, which is based in Lyon, instructs its students on a wide range of subjects such as copywright law, stage lighting, and record scratching. Professors will play the opening bars of songs, and students will have to shout out the the title of the single. Students apprentice at dance clubs, take turns mixing, and are graded on 10-minute sets. At the end of their education, the students graduate and become official "animateurs musicale et scenique"s.

    But is DJ school really necessary? Leigh Lezark isn't sure the subtleties of DJ'ing can be taught.

    "If you can't read the crowd, you're not going to be a good DJ. You have to understand what's working-not just play something because the beats match perfectly."

    So why be a DJ? According to Lezark,

    "We've been granted the liberty to travel all over the world"

    It sounds like nice work if you can get it, and attending DJ School certainly must help.

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