Time For A New Stylist?

by MADDY MADISON · February 7, 2008

    jill scott

    [Jill Scott Bailey's ad]

    If I had a new CD dropping and had just picked up triple Grammy nominations faster than a twinkie at a Jenny Craig meeting, I probably wouldn’t be showing up to my photo shoots looking like a wonderbra-ed Zombie on crystal meth. I mean, this woman has a team of stylists at her disposal and has a naturally beautiful face. So how, in the name of all that is fabulous, did this shot of Jill Scott make the final cut?! Her face is papered all over Midtown. You can’t even escape her on the subway. The only thing it makes me wanna buy is a wooden stake to stab through her cold, dead eyes when she eats my brains for lunch, and maybe a silver sparkly shirt or two (great hair by the way, Jill!) Even John Legend is giving her the once-over. Though, he pulls if off rather nicely: perplexed, skeptical, and yet so over it. In the end, I blame the photo editors. Gotta lay off that Bailey’s. Hey, at least Jill didn’t get Marie Claire’d into looking like an anemic orphan.