Under The Radar '60s Bands

by MIKEL MCCOY · April 15, 2008


    Even as we near the end of the first decade of the new millennium, the 1960s remain a culture that we continue to dipped in again and again for new perspectives and answers to questions that will most likely be asked from now on. From different takes on mod fashions like miniskirts and women in boots to music, the 60's are still pretty cool.

    Sure, everyone from your grandmother to your little cousin knows the myths about, and music of bands like the Doors or the Stones, and the Beatles still remain one of best selling recording artists close to 40 years since the release of their last record. Perhaps what remains so appealing about the 1960s is the fresh take it had on life? From cultural revolutions in civil rights, sexual liberation, and socially acceptable drug use to the influx of a youth driven market. But really blah blah blah, we just wanna make sure you know about three great bands fro the '60s who never fully got their due until recently. The Zombies- Imagine melodies as sweet as any Beatles or Beach Boy track with jazzy organs and white Smokey Robinson lyrics.

    Turquoise- If the Hard drive of the Who and the Anglo centric feel of the Kinks ate more acid… well it kinda did and it sounded like this, this band's obscure youtube won't help. Google it and you may find something

    13thfloor Elevators- The original psychedelic band with love song about neon splashing between lovers' eyes, two words…YES and YES