What New Yorkers Are Listening To

by Mara Siegler · May 27, 2011

    Each of us crosses the city lost in our own grand internal world. And whether it's because we are perpetually rushed or because we've been conditioned to not pay attention to anyone other than ourselves, we tend to display a stony expression. Which is why this new video by Tyler Cullen is so amazing. By simply asking people a question, he is able to uncover a big part of who they are.

    Who would have thought the dorky looking guy in the red polo shirt would be rocking Lil Wayne, or the big dude in the sweatshirt is deep into Oasis, or the guy in the trench coat is straight chilling to Just Dance by Lady Gaga? With many the tune matches the general, stereotyped impression you might get from them, but it still gives insight to how characters on the streets soundtrack the city. How much better is the experience for the woman listening to Frank Sinatra? Britney Spears?

    It's also pretty crazy how willing New Yorkers are to stop and talk to a stranger with a camera when he asks, "What are you listening to?"

    I'm typing away right this second to Yeasayer's "Red Cave." Well, what are you guys listening to?