Ne-Yo Brings The Flashing Lights For Estelle's Electric Birthday

by guestofaguest · January 20, 2011

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    Last night, Millesime was electric with excitement. Ne-Yo performed from his latest album, Libra Scale, and helped Estelle ring in her 31st birthday with Avi Oster and Annabelle Vartanian. Check out how freaky things got inside.

    Girls stayed close to the glow to enhance the sexy factor.

    Some, though, were a bit nonchalant.

    Some stayed huddled, immersed in the conversation and closeness.

    But others glanced up for more...

    Those from the balcony looked at the iridescent hoi polloi below.

    The pleasant banter continued, but some--by sideways glance--seemed to sense something brewing.

    One bespectacled gent felt the force.

    He could her halo emanating off in the distance as she brandished a bottle.

    One studious kitten knew what was up.

    The light crescendoed in full force.

    As Ne-Yo brought the funk...

    And Estelle swooned...