New Brunch Party Debuts At Brick NYC. Does It Stack Up To Other Boozy Brunches?

by Ailsa Forlenza · April 18, 2011

    Go HERE for more photos by Benjamin Gustafsson at Brick NYC, and tag yourself and your friends!

    The newest brunch party in New York debuted at Brick NYC, owned and operated by Vip Manchanda and coordinated by Daniel Samandarov. Guests snacked on pizza, homemade antipastas, and antipasto by executive chef, Chopped's Warren Schierenbeck. The party at Brick went a little wild with flamboyant sparklers and champagne. Where does Brick fit in with other boozy brunches?

    We contemplated brunches back in March. Was the boozy brunch O-V-E-R? It seems these boozy day parties are back! Brick Brunch, with its dim lighting and trendy attendees provides a lounge-like atmosphere where guests can continue the party from the previous night. It looks similar to the Brasserie Beaumarchais' (former Bagatelle space) and Day and Night. From table top dancing to an enthusiastic crowd, guests attending the Brick Brunch want to get down with dance tunes on a banquette with champagne sparklers acting as spotlight.

    The Koch Brothers have been known to dominate the brunch scene with their Day and Night parties, most recently at storied Oak Room at The Plaza Hotel, a more upscale and classy venue. Competition has also popped up at the Saturday Champagne brunch at LAVO, which also subscribes to the carnival celebration aesthetic.

    Compared to other brunch parties like Brunch's, where the fun is focused on food and conversation, Brick Brunch fits somewhere in the middle. Chef Warren Shierenbeck brings a gourmet twist to the scene with his homemade antipastos, pastas, and delicious pizzas.

    Overall, Brick NYC's brunch party will be a lot of fun for those looking to reverse his or her quiet Sunday afternoons. The boozy brunch trend is back on! For brunch and table reservations please email