Andrea Tese Debuts Her "Boats Against The Current" Photography Show At Heist Gallery

by guestofaguest · February 26, 2009

    Andrea Tese [Andrea Tese and guest]

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    If you haven't been to the Heist Gallery to see the current exhibition, Boats Against The Current, you should.  We were there for the opening, as photographer Andrea Tese celebrated her first solo photography show.  “Boats Against the Current” is comprised of selected images from her series “After”, a project in which she tried to "capture the crucial moment that follows a marking experience". Among those enjoying the show were Kipton Cronkite of KiptonArt, Marlborough Gallery’s Melyora Kramer, Heist’s Talia Eisenberg, Lauren Warwick (Tese’s sister) and Cesar Lechowick (who were both subjects of Tese’s work), Vincent and Joyce Tese, Stonington Cox, Ellen Stendahl, Dior’s Brooke Travis, and Vogue’s Elissa Lumley and Valerie Boster. Andrea Tese

    [Papercut At Heist Gallery A Recessionista Reprieve]

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    Sipping champagne, Tese described her striking collection, “The impression that an event or being has on earth is often fleeting.  The experience itself can have existed for just a second or less, and the ruins of it usually remain only a little longer.  Capturing the aftermath tells of the experience in a more interpretive and mysterious manner than showing the actual event.”

    Tese’s show brought together a cosmopolitan crowd, including Carlo von Zeitschel, Tina Livanos, Emma Snowdon-Jones, and Zev EisenbergBenjamin Pourrat and Diane von Furstenberg’s Tatiana Blatnik both flew in from London for the show and Dior’s Andrea di Lorenzo was in town from Paris.

    The crowd headed on to a private after-party at 1Oak until the small hours of the morning.

    Emma Snowdon-Jones