Calling Carmen Sandiego!

by LAUREN BELSKI · February 13, 2008

    carmen sandiego

    Seriously, isn’t it weird that people actually steal fine art? I mean, diamond earrings, check. Wads of cash, check. Bikes that aren’t locked properly (grrrr, you bike thieves!), check. Even heart-speckled dresses adorned by Chloe Sevigny, check. But priceless paintings by Van Gogh and Monet? These are men so famous that their works grace both museum walls and placemats. I mean, come on! Where can you even sell that? Doesn’t price-less sort of denote that it is so valuable that it is in fact of no value at all? The only kind of person that organizes theft like this is Dr. Evil. Or maybe bin Laden. Or Chavez. Yeah. They did it. Now we just need an ace detective to prove it…

    [The Little Red Heart Dress That Could]