Coffee Cup Produtions Unleashes "Standing Clear"

by MICHAEL PASTORINO · June 16, 2008

    coffee cup productions \"Standing Clear\"If you saw, (either firsthand or through our highlights), the NYC No Pants Subway Ride, or you watched Borat, (specifically the opening scene of the movie in which he lets a rooster loose on the subway), or you’ve just lived in New York for long enough; you know that riding the rail can be pretty wild. Coffee Cup productions thinks so too, which is why their new physical comedy sketch deals with the nigh impossibility of “Standing Clear” of the ruckus while delving into the literal underbelly of the city, the subway. Tonight’s performance of "Standing Clear" includes a special reception with Hollaback and Girls for Gender Equity, two groups fighting harassment in our city. The show starts at 7 pm at The Access Theater.

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