Friday The 13th: SHOWPAPER At Arm Gallery

by SARAH JAFFE · June 16, 2008

    Showpaper, Arm Gallery, VICE RecordsOn Friday night SHOWPAPER hosted Full Color Distro at The ARM Gallery in Williamsburg. The art show was held to celebrate the one year anniversary of SHOWPAPER, an all-ages print-only music-listings publication. The show was awesome and the gallery was well decorated with live music, drinks, and a raffle.

    On one table were piles of every SHOWPAPER that has thus far been relased. On one side is a list of every local show for each day of the month, and the other side includes origional artwork by a popular local artist.

    More photos below:

    Full Color Distro showcased art from artists Aron Wahl (of Big A little a), Narwhalz of Sound, Maya Hayuk and many more. The raffle prizes consisted of CD's from VICE Records, free movie screenings from UnionDocs, books and prints from PictureBox, t-shirts from Famous Class, and a gigantic cartoon print from Desert Island.To celebrate Friday the 13th Death by Audio held a Zombie afterparty for SHOWPAPER with bands Pterodactyl, Fiasco, and Puttin' On The Ritz. So stop by a local show and make sure to pick up the latest Showpaper to keep you musically up-to-date, it is definitely worth the journey into Brooklyn.

    Showpaper, Arm Gallery, VICE RecordsShowpaper, Arm Gallery, VICE RecordsShowpaper, Arm Gallery, VICE RecordsShowpaper, Arm Gallery, VICE Records