GrandLife and Passionate Magazine Present Ditte Gantriis

by ARIEL MOSES · March 9, 2009

    [See Guys? Art is cool. Tyler Boe, Sean Stevens, Eiseley Tauginas]

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    Friday night art lovers gathered at the Tribeca Grand Hotel to celebrate Ditte Grantriis’ unveiling of her most recent installment, “A Note on Cravings.” Sponsored by GrandLife and Passionate Magazine, Grantriis greeted guests to her new display of her 20th century movements, which are described as both elegant and intensely erotic. New York favorite, DJ Lissy Trullie, spun for the crowd, with a special visit from designer Charlotte Ronson.

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    Art-loving attendees included co-host David Chines, actress/model Sarah Bradford, Sebastian Bland, Jules Kirby, John Munson, Nick Damianos, Dr. Jeffrey Moses, photographer Keven Duffy, Tia Walker, Elizabeth Siegel, Fred Wasch, Real Housewives daughter Ally Zarin, Dane Hope, Morgan Rosenblaum, Lanna Solinsky, Lexi Lehman, Eiseley Tauginas, and Melissa Berkelhammer.

    “A Note on Cravings” evokes Russian constructivism, Art Deco, and commercial illustrations of the 1950's.  This is the Danish artist’s first show in the United States. Gantriis' work is featured in the debut issue of Passionate Magazine, an emerging-artists portfolio, which launched at The Armory Show 2009 International Art Fair.

    Ditte Gantriis (center) and guests