John Baldessari Isn't Afraid Of Furrowed Foreheads At His Art Exhibtion

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · November 26, 2008

    [Marian Goodman with John Baldessari and one of his pieces. Photos by DAVID X PRUTTING for PMc]

    Tuesday night the Marian Goodman Gallery held the opening reception for artist John Baldessari's Raised Eyebrows/ Furrowed Foreheads show. Like he did in his other series ‘Noses & Ears, Etc,’ or Arms and Legs (Specif. Elbows and Knees), Etc’, Baldessari used his paintings from the '50s as the source that he explores using space and color. This series "continues the artist’s exploration of human identity through the fragmentation of parts of the body." The opening brought out a definite sense of joy and excitement in its viewers- perhaps having to do with the colorful accents residing in his pieces.

    More photos below:

    Joe Sheftel, Andrew Richards

    Alexandre Melo, Aaron Levine, Barbara Levine Alexandre Melo, Aaron Levine, Barbara Levine

    Fred Sherman, A guest, Lawrence Weiner

    John Baldessari, Lisa Phillips

    Martina Thaesler, Lawrence Weiner

    Annette Bollag-Rothchild, Amanda Bollag-Rothchild