Legally Blonde On Broadway-3rd Time WILL Be A (Tiffany) Charm

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · May 6, 2008


    Some people use therapy and self help books to get themselves to a better way of life. Buddah, Kabalah, Prozac; no, NOT ME. I use the Elle Woods way to get me through the day. Seriously, give me some super sweet optimism with over the top enthusiasm for everything and anything becomes possible - Harvard Law School, becoming a lawyer, getting the perfect manicure (All hail Paulette) and landing the dreamy guy. Elle did it all, why can't I? I clung onto Elle's sparkling positivity after I had seen Legally Blonde 1 & 2 about 50 times as I made it through my mid 20's crisis. So when the LB Broadway Musical opened up, it was the next natural step (obsession) for me.

    People who know me know my following of Elle Woods so well, that I was even gifted with a stolen poster of Laura Bell Bundy as Elle Woods. I had that hanging up in my bedroom before the show even opened. The poster is still up, and show is still going. (We can get more into why an adult like me has posters up in his room later.)

    The first time I went to the show my heart was ripped out! Laura Bell Bundy was not there that night. Despite that fact, I loved the show. However, I was not ready to give up. I saw the show again as part of "Operation see LB on B'Way with Laura". Mission failed; this time there was a different understudy. How is this possible? I still managed to LOVE the show even more because this understudy, Becky Gulsvig, was soooo great. She gave me Elle in the way I wanted. My seats were so far away from the stage that she actually looked like the spitting image of Reese Witherspoon. I was excited about that. But still not done.

    When you are schooled in the Elle Woods Way, you don't ever settle for anything but perfection. After all, if Elle was going to win back Warner, she had to go to Harvard ~ and she DID go to Harvard. If I am going to be a true Elle Woods fan, I'm going to have to see the show with the acclaimed Laura Bell Bunday. So I asked myself, WWEWD ('what would Elle Woods do')?? I did what Elle would do; I used my connections to get house seats (yes, that means front row) and I'm told I get to meet Laura Bell Bundy on Wednesday night after the show! That would make all my efforts more than worthwhile - now I need to pick out something to wear, and I will not disregard my signature color. I haven't been this excited since Gucci became a publicly traded company....more to come!!!