Martin Scorsese Films New York's #1 Fan, Fran Lebowitz

by Chelsea Burcz · January 30, 2009

    New York's own bitingly witty writer Fran Lebowitz was interviewed by American author Toni Morrison last night for Martin Scorsese's latest documentary on Lebowitz. The night began with an introduction by Scorsese dubbing the event "Frost/Nixon with sex appeal." Lebowitz (a woman with the demeanor of a male stand up comedian) spurted out her opinions on Obama, the American jail system, and race...

    "Obama is too forgiving of the Republicans," she squawked. "We are the winners, why should we care what you think now? You are the ones who put us in this position." Morrison gazed admiringly at Lebowitz while trying to hold back her laughter. Lebowitz continued to explain why she is the only person who is enjoying the economic crash, "Everyone's worried there will be less tourism in Times Square, but without the hill billies New Yorkers will actually be able to walk down the street."

    The live audience was then able to ask questions to Lebowitz.

    "I have a solution for everything, give me any problem and I can solve it... that's why I should be president," she boasted. "We need a New Yorker in office."

    When asked a question about the American school system she replied with a tangnent of how "children should not be taught self esteem." (According to Lebowitz this only leads to bad books being written.) Dressed in a white button down, a navy suit jacket, beat up brown boots and jeans Lebowitz's rough edges are what makes this little woman's opinions so funny and charming.

    Scorsese's documentry is still in the filming stages.