Sinfully Delicious Art: Marina Abramovic Creates A Dessert, Has Orgasm

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 14, 2011

    Of the artistic feats performance artist Marina Abramovic has dared--jabbing a knife between her fingers, taking a catatonia drug that conduced violent seizures, allowing the audience to whip her--none seems as bold as her newest concoction.

    As Art Info reports, Park Avenue Winter restaurant will feature a $20 "Volcano Flambe" created by Abramovic and Kevin Lasko, the resto's executive chef.

    Though Abramovic has been known for asceticism--as displayed in last year's "The Artist Is Present" at MoMA--the blue-chip artist will allow for a little bit of decadent indulgence; the dessert is a combo of ice cream, meringue, and banana mousse with gold leaf, spun sugar, almond cake, and cookie crumbs to top it all off (As Art Info notes, the dessert's price matches that of MoMA's admissions price).

    The non-profit art organization Creative Time conduced the collaboration--one of four artist-chef partnerships in the works.

    The dessert also comes with something of a ecstatic package.

    When you order the dessert, you're given a lab coat, a glass of water, a fork, a spoon, a napkin and a pale wooden box that contains an MP3 player and headphones.

    Apparently Abramovic speaks seductively to the patrons and records her breathy orgasm that plays as you enjoy the tastiness.

    [Marina Abramovic Does Not Fear Death, Would Not Use James Franco's Terminology]