Tar Magazine Does Things Differently, Will ONLY Be A Print Media Company

by Rachelle Hruska · November 20, 2008

    [Marcella Lindeberg, Evanly Schindler, Neville Wakefield, Maurizio Marchiori, Johan Lindeberg. Photos by Jonathon Ziegler for PMc]

    Tar Magazine held it's first party last night which, of course, makes it's launch official.  In what is the perhaps worst time to get into print media, Evanly Schindler (BlackBook founder), and Maurizio Marchiori (former communications director for Diesel), have decided to forge ahead anyway.  Tar is "more of an art book than a magazine" with content as a mix of "art, culture, fashion, and social consciousness." The first issue is a 300 pager with a feature about overpopulation, weighty fashion ads and an editorial by Arianna Huffington.  Photographer Ryan McGinley has a 32 spread of nudes. [NY Mag]

    More story and photos below:

    The magazine will not be available online, but it's already got a bunch of hip supporters, including those that showed up for the launch party hosted by J. Lindeberg with Choice Productions at 508 Laguardia Place.

    James Lim, Coco Young

    Alex Galan, Aaron Young, Paul Marlow, Charles Renfro

    >Danielle Levitt, Alison Chernick