The Bushwick Film Festival Showcases Sean Glass

by Rachelle Hruska · August 22, 2008

    bushwickYou've read about it in all of the gossip columns as well as the respectable press outlets.  Now, it's finally here.  The world premiere of our friend Sean Glass' latest short film, Benefits.  It stars Brian Boulos, Byrdie Bell, Kristy Rao, Paul Johnson-Calderon, Stephanie Wei, Liam McMullan, Nicole Jacobs and Brad Woolf. This narrative short is showing at the Bushwick Film Festival on Sunday night August 24th.  The attached brochure and flier say that it will be at 6:45pm, but Sean got it pushed back to 8:00pm so that all of you out in the Hamptons or wherever for the weekend have no excuse not to be there!  It's not an uptight festival like nyff later this week, it's very low key, so bring anyone. More information including schedule below:

    Food and drinks will be served, and there will be lots of other films and artsy stuff happening.  the entire event is going 3pm-11pm, so feel free to come early, or go on Friday or Saturday too if you want. Benefits screening Lumenhouse in Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY) 47 Beaver Street 8pm [Parodies Of Themselves: Socialites In Movies] FRIDAY AUGUST 22ND 6:00 Reception ---- Drinks / Hors D’oeuvrees 6:30 Latent Sorrow by Shon Kim Shooting format: 16mm Short/ Experimental Animation Duration: 3:30 Synopsis: Moving painting to reach coexistent point where abstact and figure are equally fused. 6:45 The Switch by Jonathan Emmerling Produced by Untucked Films Duration: 7:40 A guy meets the man of his dreams but can't seem to shake his pesky heterosexuality. 7:15 Viola: The Traveling Rooms of Giant By Shih-Ting Hung Short/ Experimental / Animation Duration: 9 min A bed time story. 7 year old viola puts her loneliness in a suit case to discover herself through traveling. Latent Sorrow The Switch Viola: The Traveling Rooms of a little gian t

    7:45 Buster By Lovisa Inserra @ 7pm Producer: Emma K Dixgard Shooting Format: Super 8 Genre: Experimental/ Dramatic Comedy Duration: 65:00 Buster is the story of a guy that anyone in his right mind would and should run away from, since Buster spends all of his spare time drinking and provoking strangers into fights, then refusing to defend himself as they pummel him ‘til they grow bored. But most people aint in their right minds, so this is also the sotry of the people who don’t run away. 9:00 Intermission ------ Drinks/Bands/BBQ 10:00 The Frank Zip Story by Marcel Simoneau Producer: Dan Menke, Marcel Simoneau Short/ Comedy Duration: 6:49 Frank Zip was the most widely read writer on the planet. Part of a series of obituraies written by Dan Menke. Buster Indie Bands: KWJ Trio Nail Us Omiga Brandon Phillipson The Frank Zip Story

    10:20 Pillow Fight by Unisex Youth Helmet Experimental/Documentary Duration: 4:54 Synopsis: A pillow fight in Union Square on March 22, 2008 10:30 Closing Reception ---- Music/ Bands/ Drinks Fun!!! SATURDAYAUGUST 23 5:00 Reception---- Drinks / Music/ Hor’s Doeuvres 6:00 Frantic Sketches by Seyhan Musaoglu & Jess Ramsey Experimental/Short Duration: 14:05 A collection of abstracted visuals exploring the human condition, existential philosopy and obsolete media. The non-linear shooting style allows for discovery and retaliation on a philosophical, aesthetic and emitional level. Pillow Fight Frantic Sketches

    6:30 Rates of Change By Tyrone Tanous Documentary/Short Genre: Arts/ Architecture Duration: 32:00 Documentary that asks a diverse group of artists to explore their ability to adapt and respond to changes big and small, personal and global. At its core this milti- format video uses explosive scenes of urban development as a discussion catalyst and project aesthetic. 7:15 Emaciated Producer: Zeepling for tripitaka productions Music Video Genre: Alternative Duration: 5:55 In this dark comedic tale set in a new jersey diner a return soldier finds himself in the center of bloody shooting spree.. whether caused by the antagonistic extreme right wing radio playing, the memories of war or a simple coffee mix up… you decide! A social commentary that explores the morality of war when placed in the confines of our “safe: and civilized home environment. Good Morning Herr Horst by Mando Diao Music Video Emaciated 5 Points by Eliana Alvarez 2008 BUSHWICK FILM FESTIVAL Page 5 Produced by Tim Newns Patricia Vadillo Blanca De Lara Barreiro Duration 6:55 Pizza Warehouse by Joe Ahearn Duration: 04:32 Short/Music Video Wher Ever You're From by Jeff Porterfield with assitant by Teva Kukan Duration : 2:45 8:00 The Blue and Red 3D Spectacular 8:30 Drinks / Music/ Hors D’oeuvers 9:00 - 9:45 Shorts The First Day by Brandon Stanley Muzak for the Invisible People By Jaun David Producer: Jan David Gonzalez Monroy Short/ Experimental Duration: 06:35 5 Points Pizza Warehouse Where Ever Your From Muzak For the Invisible People 2008 BUSHWICK FILM FESTIVAL Page 6 10:00 A Map for Saturday by Brook Silva-Braga Duration: 90 minutes The emotional journey of extreme long-term travelers who wondered “what would it be like to travel the world?” Then did it. teenagers and senior 11:30 Closing----Drinks / Music / Fun!! Sunday August 24 4:00 --- Mimosas / Hors D’oeuvres / Music 5:00 Shorts Two Lullabies By Joseph Hung Duration :16:9 For a starlette of days past, temptation and redemption is found in the unlikeliest of places. Map for Saturday Two Lullabies 2008 BUSHWICK FILM FESTIVAL Page 7 I Want To Fly By Misha Sundukovskiy Shooting format: 16mm Short/ Drama Duration: 5:30 Synopsis: This film tells the story of a loving father son relationship which is torn apart due to the unemployment of the fater, Without the attention or support of his father, Andre must grop up and lear to overcome domestic disputes and the plight of his family. Through the game of basketball, Andre is ale to become the hardworking and self reliant individual his father always intended. Love as a Wheel Director: Eric Jovecevski Written by: Melisa Christensen, Matt Lein, Kyle Younker Short/Romance Short/Romance Duration: 16:9 A short stop motion film about human relationships and priorties set in Brooklyn. 6:00 Wash Me Clean by Michael Immerman Producer: Gandja Monticiro, Michael Immerman, Sabrina Beram Short/Drama Duration: 30:00 Synopsis: Attempting to reignite the spark in their lackluster marriage, a suburban couple industrially and irrevocably destroy it in the process. I Want To Fly Love as A Wheel Wash Me Clean 2008 BUSHWICK FILM FESTIVAL Page 8 6:45 Shorts Benefit by Sean Glass Short/ Satire Duration: 12:00 Brief synopsis: (make it as clear and clever as possible will be used for program) A slice of life of some socialitey kids talking about socialitey stuff. Outside Agitator by Morgan Miller Short/Animation Duration 5:00 Animated visual commentary on our times almost entirely inked and painted in morgan’s studio space in bushwick. Like a Dog Without A Jaw by Steve Quinlan Short/Drama Duration 15:10 7:30 Intermission ---- Music / Drinks/ Hors D’oeuvers 8:00 ALDO TAMBELLINI : ART WORK AND LATE 60'S AVANT-GARDE SHORTS AT THE BUSHWICK FILM FESTIVAL