Trainset Ghetto: Peter Feigenbaum

by SARAH JAFFE · June 17, 2008

    [youtube][/youtube] Go HERE for more photos of this project by Peter Feigenbaum.

    Stuck in suburbia one needs to create ways to escape, whether it be by means of daydreaming, watching films, making music, or combining all three. Brooklyn installation artist and member of Dinowalrus, Peter Feiganbaum, has done just that with his project called Trainset Ghetto.

    He has focused his teenage yearnings of escapism into a miniature of a 70's/80's outer borough of NYC. At first glance the model appears undoubtably real with precise detailing and looks to be shot by an unsteady cameraman. However, upon closer examination, its clear that the cars are not moving and there is in fact an edge of emptyness and end to the fictitious city.

    Peter is sheerly a master of his craft and without a doubt a miniaturization whiz. Peter was not only inspired by long rides through areas similar to his creation but also by gaming experience in virtual worlds depicting run-down NYC boroughs. This five year masterpiece will not go unnoticed as Peter's talent is clearly demonstrated in the video and was also displayed at Like The Spice Gallery. Similar to Jean Baudrillard's theory of hyper-reality, Trainset Ghetto is a simulation of something that never actually existed.

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