"Vast Wasteland:A Hollywood 187 Film" Is Screened At The Bounded, A Bit Narrow Lyons Wier Gallery

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · July 31, 2009

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    Tuesday night, Lyons Wier Gallery held a reception for Derrick B. Harden (aka Couture Ink)'s Vast Wasteland: A Hollywood 187 Film. His project consisted of a screening of the film as well as a reading, his "work is a fusion of personal history, hip-hop, urban culture and fine art." The night also premiered T8's What's My Motha Fu*&in' Name? which consisted of "five new sculptures resembling designer bags that are physically cut out and hand fabricated from his canvas paintings." This series of work managed to mix art and fashion as well as the concept of commerce/merchandise. Oli "Power" Grant and Olga Nemcova, Petra's sis, were among the guests.