VJ Steals The Show At Chelsea Art Museum's Young Associates Party

by EVAN MULVIHILL · June 22, 2009

    [What in the world are these two dance-crazed girls doing? Read on to find out.]

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    This might be the "Year Without A Summer" (as Gawker says), but despite all the rainy days, grayness, and generally shitty weather conditions, a collection of a few hundred twenty-and thirty-somethings gathered at the Chelsea Art Museum to celebrate the Summer Solstice. The party was a promotional event aimed at getting those young things to join the museum's Young Associates program, which gives members the benefit of lots of free stuff (museum admission, access to monthly events and quarterly parties, etc.).

    Ten young artists (associated with Forward Motion Theater) exhibited their paintings and video projections on the spacious room's white walls. The most magnetic was Holly Daggers, who does live video projections using some hi-tech equipment (a bluescreen, DV camera, projector, and the magical "Korg Kaoss Pad Entrancer," which Holly). For the majority of the time, the bluescreen dancing spot was the domain of Holly's two profesional dancers (Rebecca in the green and black, Celso in the fabulous make-up), but as you can see in the post's opening picture, party attendees were more than ready to go and shake their stuff in front of the camera!

    Dancer Rebecca, who's wearing a classic outfit designed by legendary drag queen Miss Understood

    Dancer Celso gets all mysterious for the camera

    Didn't catch this dancer's name, but she's fabulous

    DJ Brion Isaacs, who plays music that he can only describe as "flam-core"

    Two young associates get cozy

    GofG's very own Sarah Mandato, with friends

    Friends forever in foreground. Live VJ projection in background

    The generous ladies who were giving out a brand of citrus liqueur called Rhythm, which is a blend of 23 different citrus flavors infused with Red Bull-like energy drugs (caffeine, guarana, taurine, etc.)