Goods 4 Good African Themed "Innovators Dinner" Bringing Minds Together For Malawi


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    Last night, The GoodsforGood Organization hosted an intimate "Innovators Dinner," a multiple-course African-themed meal with live music at Madiba in Brooklyn.  The organization, founded by Melissa Kushner, brings excess items from the U.S. to help impoverished children living in Malawi.  In the month of June alone, they plan to raise enough money to ship 10,000 pairs of new sneakers.

    Attendees at last night's dinner included Melissa's husband Jeremy Kaplan, brother Marc Kushner, and the following bright lights of NYC media, fashion, and tech: Chelsa Skees - Calvin Klein, Mary Pepper - YSL, Courtney Lewis - Hard Candy Shell, Zach Klein - College Humor Founder, Caroline McCarthy - CNET, Rachel Sklar - Media Goddess, Nate Westheimer - New York Tech Meetup, Dennis Crowley - Foursquare, Naveen Selvadurai - Foursquare, Carolina Santos-Neves - writer, Peter Feld - Simply Chic founder Sabrina Chapman, Brooke Moreland, Founder of Fashism - new social fashion site soon to launch, Soraya Darabi -, and many more.

    At the dinner, it was announced that that Melissa will be featured in the next Gap campaign to raise awareness for her work with Malawian orphans. The organization also won the Tumblr "reblog for a cause" campaign last week.

    Over 7 courses of South African food were served, with hints of West and East African cuisine and guests toasted to the good work new media is doing for this organization and asked everyone to adopt it as their cause.

    Dennis Crowley

    Courtney Lewis, Zach Klein

    Kristin Healy, Nate Westheimer, Amanda Peyton

    Lawrence Lewitinn, Andrew Prukhoff, Peter Feld, Sabrina Chapman, Marie Shibley, Jerri Chou

    Christopher Barley, Billy Gilbane, Caroline McCarthy, Sabrina Chapman