Movember Begins "No Shave November"

by Kermichelle Leo · November 2, 2011

    The month of November has begun, and with it there are celebrations to look forward to such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday and best of all No Shave November!

    If you begin to realize that you've been coming across a wide number of unshaven men don't be alarmed ( for those who don't like a little extra fuzz) and don't be confused. The men are taking part in the initiative known as "No Shave November," or Movember. All the participants- which are only men- pledge to not shave their mustache for the month to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

    At the beginning of November,the men calling themselves "mo bros" register on where they make the commitment. They also pledge to find sponsors to donate to prostate cancer research and help in spreading the word. The men must start clean shaven. At the end of the month, "mo bros" celebrate by throwing their own Movember party or attending one of the Gala parties held by Movember.

    Take note that women should NOT participate in the event. We should only as act support for our "mo bros" as we are their "mo sistas." Last year "mo bros" and "mo sistas" raised $7.5 million.

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