NYC Bakeries Are Holding A Bake Sale For Planned Parenthood

by Millie Moore · March 22, 2017

    Trump's presidency has been like a car crash that we just can't look away from. Scratch that - it's like a 50 car pileup on the Hudson. It's only been 62 days, and we've witnessed xenophobic laws being implemented, the entropy of our health care system, and essential programs losing government funding. But at least Trump's golf game is improving, right? 

    Planned Parenthood was one of the nonprofits that got completely snubbed by the Trump Administration. Over the past few months, it has gotten some love with an influx of donations made in Vice President Pence's name. Now some of the best NYC bakeries have come together and are holding a bake sale on April 2nd, donating the proceeds to Planned Parenthood. 

    Cute, right? And it totally brings you back to those elementary school days! The bake sale is going to be held at Café Altro Paradiso over on Spring Street. Eateries such as Milk Bar, Le Coucou, and Gramercy Tavern will provide baked goods for supporters. What better place to have a cheat day than at a bake sale that fights the power and provides for a good cause? 

    [Photo via @altroparadiso]