Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Party By Vanity Fair, Swarovski & J.Crew

by Rachelle Hruska · December 4, 2008

    [Photos by NEIL RASMUS for PMc]

    Who wants to stay outside for hours waiting to see the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree being lit up when you can enjoy the show from the comfort of the warm indoors? Throw in some cocktails and jewelery and this is one's a no brainer.  The Vanity Fair, Swarovski, & J.Crew teams threw a party at the J.Crew store right in Rockefeller Center and it was THE only way to watch the tree celebration. Phillip Bloch, Jenna Lyons, and Livia Marotta mingled with their festive guests as everyone watched on screens.

    More photos below:

    Phillip Bloch

    Kevin Cohen, Donna Cohen, Peter Rosler, Gigi Crosby, Alana Martin, David Morales

    Swarovski Staff

    Kevin Cohen, Donna Cohen

    Paul Sands, Walt Garwood

    Jason Wagenheim, Jenna Lyons, Livia Marotta