The GofG Tree Trimming Party

by Rachelle Hruska · December 15, 2008

    Adrien FieldMark Eckstrom, David Gruning

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    Saturday night, we hosted an intimate GofG tree trimming party at our headquarters.  The only requirement was that you bring an ornament for our Christmas tree.  Thankfully, you all obliged.  Murray's helped us out with the cheese platter, and The Lobster Place with our shrimp.  But the Russian Tea Cakes?  Those were all me (and, besides the powdered sugar fight at the end of the evening, they were quite the hit!)  From homemade to "Made in China" our tree finally looks properly dressed, especially with Chris' 1950s electric train set running beneath it.  Santa Claus and his newest missus even stopped by to bid Happy Holidays to all!

    More photos below:

    Carter Cramer Morten Davidson, Jared Clark Carter Cramer, Morten Davidson, Jared Clark

    Before and After

    Morten Davidson, Rachelle Hruska, Nick Dietz, Kim Bates, Jared Clark, Keith Lissner

    Robert FowlerKeith Lissner Robert Fowler, Keith Lissner

    *Note: photos blurry due to smudged camera lens. File this under "I'm not a professional photographer" category.