The Hipster Holiday Gift Guide By Nicky Digital

by Rachelle Hruska · December 10, 2008

    Nicky Digital has answered our prayers, and put together a Hipster Holiday Guide so that we all may have an easier time crossing off those hard friends that are just too cool to give the Gap scarf too:

    "What a long, strange year this has been. From Bush to Obama, 13,000 to 8,300 Dow points, boom times to bailouts ... man, oh man.

    The economy’s in a recession, our government is in limbo until January, and overall, everyone’s in a state of uncertainty. Sure, sure, we’re all sick of kvetching about it. But it’s there, it’s the elephant in the room, gnawing at our subconscious.

    We here at understand that this holiday season is going to be weird. Obviously, most will be spending less and with that in mind we've kept most items on this list under $100. We've created a list with a few of our favorite things that are sure to make your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, step mom, weird cousin Al, or over-achieving intern super duper happy. So break open the piggie bank, pick up an extra shift, or pawn some of your untouched bling and turn yourself into the coolest santa in town:"

    Click HERE to read Nicky Digital's full Hipster guide