The Ultimate Vacation For Guacamole Lovers

by Stephanie Maida · March 27, 2018

    If you've been putting in too many trendy workouts to wreck it all at a beer hotel, you may find this thematically delicious vacation a bit more justifiable.

    In honor of Mexico's glorious snack, app, side dish, and/or condiment, a luxury resort is hosting "Guacamania," a celebration of all things avocado. The adults-only (thank god) Casa Velas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, has been offering the guac-centric experience for visitors throughout the month of March and let's just say they make it easy being green.

    A special avo-centric menu at the hotel's gourmet restaurant boasts inventive dishes such as avocado waffles, avocado chocolate mousse, and avocado tiramisu. (Say avocado again.) Poolside, guests can enjoy avocado and piña colada martinis while expert "guacamologists" whip up fresh batches of dip.

    But why stop at eating the stuff?

    True avo enthusiasts can even indulge (guilt-free) in some delicious spa treatments highlighting the main ingredient. Refresh your complexion with avo skin exfoliation, moisturize your hair with the buttery fruit, and then slather your body in an avocado-yogurt wrap. Talk about looking like a snack.

    And don't worry if you missed the Guacamania this time around. The hotel is reportedly doing it all again in September! Start loading up on the tortilla chips.

    [Photo via @casavelas]