Plaza Lawsuit Begs The Long Asked Question: "Why Would Anyone Want To Live There?"

by Stanely Stuyvesant · September 9, 2008


    [Juxtaposing an empty reality (left) with photo-shopped images (middle, right) from Click image for fullsize]

    This morning curbed wrote about the recent lawsuit Andre Vavilov filed against El-Ad, owners of the Plaza for among other things "lower than represented ceiling heights," and "unappealing drainage grates" in the two penthouses he was set to buy for $53.5 million dollars (unseen).  Vavilov is trying to recover his $10 million dollar deposit.  But what are the REAL reasons why he doesn't want to be hanging out with Eloise in the City?  A couple of possible culprits:

    1. Solitary Confinement - There is no one there!  (See photos above). We did a piece on this a few months back, describing how living in this spot is solitary confinement for the nouveau riche.  Since Vavilov never saw the place, could he have been misled by the pretty photo shopped images on the plaza's website?

    2. The Rose Club- again, no one's there!  Well actually there are some people there if you count model the rose club in the plaza hotelwranglers, promoters, and F-list "models" who won't be anywhere near Bryant Park this week.  But do you really want to be bumping into these folk as you go up to your penthouse.  Nah, didn't think so. [Photo via NYT]


    3. Tea for 2 costs $173, Pancakes $26 - Ok, this alone is reason to stay far far away.  Moreover, the food is old and tired.

    4. The B+T wedding - The plaza is a destination wedding spot for the entire Bridge and Tunnel crowd.

    5. Constant smell of horse dung -Horse carriages might be romantic and all, but that's only if you ride

    central park south horse carriages

    them once every few years.  But having to pass through central park south everyday, and smelling horse dung isn't what most people consider a good time.




    6. Central Park South - Is a complete zoo.  You can never get a cab.  There are a million tourists running around.  It gets overrun on New Year's.  Need I say more?