The Chic New Way To Rent Luxury Hotel Rooms By The Hour

by Stephanie Maida · April 27, 2017

    Well, technically, by the minute.

    Haven't we all strolled past a lush hotel, peeked inside the lobby, and thought, Damn, I could really use a nap right now? You know, on one of those too-big, too-soft, too-many-comfortable-pillow beds that you can only find in hotels? Introducing Recharge, the app that lets you do just that - without dropping big bucks on an all-night stay.

    Launched in San Francisco, the on-demand service just announced its expansion to NYC, meaning that gala girls, midday snoozers, and luxe loungers can now pop into a room at places like the W Hotel, The Pierre, and 1 Hotel Central Park for just a few hours, whether they need somewhere to freshen up and steam their gown pre-party or just indulge in a very 'grammable bath.

    Of course we're not missing the obvious here - this is also the perfect way to get in some afternoon delight on your lunch break. No more shady motels for you, our classy friend!

    With no minimum time requirement, hotel-hoppers can pay just $0.83 to $2 a minute (plus tax), so that romantic quickie may only cost you a few bucks. Now call your boyfriend and hop to it.

    [Photo via @tashoakley]