This Hotel Comes With An Instagram Butler

by Christie Grimm · October 26, 2017

    For some, free wifi is just not enough when it comes to hotel amenities. On the island of Rangali in the Maldives, one hotel has finally figured out just how to get all the It Girls and aspirational social media stars to book their stay.

    An Instagram Butler.

    Ah yes, at the five-star Conrad Hilton Resort all guests have at their disposal a personal guide to the island's most Instagrammable spots - a professional hand to snap those perfectly candid shots of you lounging about by the pool, looking out into the distance at a sunset, you know, as one does.

    Not only will your butler follow you around for the day, he'll also teach you how to look instantly better in every photo.

    Ridiculous? Yes.

    Still amazing? You bet.

    [Photo via @nadinberezovska]