When Does Nicky Hilton Ride The Subway?

by Christie Grimm · May 22, 2018

    When your maiden name is a successful, international hotel chain, and your married name is so gilded it's basically un-liftable, yours is a charmed life it's safe to bet, in more ways than one. A life of never having to dress for the weather, and never having to walk more than two feet on the sidewalk. A life of Ubers and personal drivers and taxis chauffeuring you from door to door.

    But, it seems there is a special set of circumstances that could drive someone as privileged and deep pocketed as Nicky Hilton Rothschild to submit themselves to such an unfortunate plebeian norm as riding the subway. 


    Number one: it's chilly out. Any regular person would have a coat.

    Number two: 5-inch leather heels are one way to dress for the rain.

    Number three: Speaking of the rain, I see no wet umbrella in sight. Nor does her hair seem to be in any way dampened. Meaning the person directing her casual subway photoshoot is also the person holding all her shit.

    And number four: do you think she'd brave the subway for any other designers? Ralph Lauren? Tory Burch? Or is Oscar only worthy of having to stoop this low?

    Rich people, they do the darnedest things.