Party Crashers Beware, You Won't Be Talking Your Way Past This Door

by guestofaguest · August 23, 2008

    Beijing Olympic Security

    If you thought the door at Bungalow 8 was hard, then try to get past the guards at the Olympic Village in order to party with the Athletes. Yes, Wass Stevens is tough, but the Chinese army is a little bit tougher.

    Yesterday Matthew Syed gave a detailed account of the nocturnal ongoings in the athletes village, describing it among other things as a "sex fest".

    Tomorrow night thousands of young men and women with the most fit, toned bodies in the world will mingle for the last time before they fly home. What might they get up to?

    Well, true or not, we'll never really know because we won't be there. Security is tight, and without athletic credentials entry is not in the cards. Oh well, at least there are those like Matthew whom we can live through vicariously. Enjoy!